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Redshift 3D - Basic Procedural Techniques - Intermediate level

Redshift 3D - Basic Procedural Techniques - Intermediate level

This chapter requires intermediate level of redshift 3D knowledge. So, if you are a beginner, you will have difficulty to follow and understand the workflow process. For beginners, we recommend you to go through all chapters for beginners first (more than 50 chapters) before you start with intermediate chapters.

In this chapter, I will show you step by step how to create BASIC template for procedural texturing of organic models directly inside Redshift shader graph.

As next step, we will create procedural shaders and I will show you the Basic techniques which I’m using very often.
The purpose of this chapter is to explain basics of procedural shading.

For more advanced techniques, we will cover in Chapter : Advanced Procedural Techniques.

One of the technique that we are using is vertex selection. We will be covering that in Chapter : Vertex Selections and Fields. So, we will speed up this process to have optimised length of this chapter.

This chapter will require basic understanding of how to work with 3D models after import and node workflow. So if you don’t understand how to correctly use parameters inside the nodes which we are using , or how to correctly import models and correct their scale, please refer to the previous chapters which are explaining all those step by step in details.
We have chapter for every single node what we are using in procedural workflow.

List of chapters : lfodesign.com/redshiftchapters

3D model download link : threedscans.com/crab/dark-finger-reef-crab

HDRI maps : tfmstyle.com/hdri-packs

Redshift 3D - Basic Procedural Techniques - Intermediate level from LFO Design on Vimeo.

   Created by Roland Friedrich

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Working for established VFX houses such as Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Double Negative London(DNeg), ScanlineVFX, Framestore London and Rising Sun Pictures (RSP).