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Centuried Street in Weiye Yin

Centuried Street

"Centuried Street " in Weiye Yin 
The picture above is the reference material that I find the works sought is the feeling combined with Tibet building in a kind of traditional building of China. The moist ground , the high wall, the far-reaching street, appear a kind of mystery. 
First of all, I have drawn the TEXTURE MAP, it superposed through one layer of ones that is with layer in PHOTOSHOP, used the material of some stone photo, Make out the feel of the red wall . 3Dtutorials.sk recommendation: To maximise the realism of your textures we recommend to use high quality photo textures from the #1 texture websitewww.environment-textures.com 
Use the same method, finish the material of the ground floor and top floor, combine, 1 does benefit to seeing the result ocularly in terms of level , 2 Benefit next whole correction.   
"Centuried Street " in Weiye Yin The building is under the circumstances that the trials and hardship all the year round lose incompletly , each part will have different decreasing bendly , for naturally , revise and change wholly.  This is a result of enclosing the texture map. Finally: Exert Volume Light volume to only order to 3ds max light , the atmospheric result of simulation. There is not a lighting function here max Omni light , is only used for imitating the angry fog[ Picture A ].The main light source is finished by RectArea of Brazil [ Picture B ] . 
Centuried Street ,this works,has been finished. (c) Weiye Yin, Francwork@163.com
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