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Creating Cloudy Mountains in Vue 6 Infinite by Aziz Khan

Hello guys and welcome to creating cloudy mountain in vue 6 infinite, well vue is one of the most powerful 3d applications in creating Haze and Fog, waterfalls, lushi green trees, plants, bushes, landscapes and allot more vegetations, while ago I have read an article on the official website of Vue it was about the movie (Pirates of the Caribbean's Part 2) Hollywood (ILM) (Industrial Light and Magic) they have used this piece of software for creating lushi green trees, plants, bushes, haze and fog, landscapes, waterfalls and allot more, which were not possible without Vue, that is why Vue is so powerful in creating such things,

Lets get started,

1-So before going any further make sure you zoom out your main camera view which is also refer to (Open GL) view, (Open GL) stands for (Ongoing Industry Wide Range Contribution Graphics Library), you might be thinking why I am zooming out the view? its because once you created the terrain then we will scale it up fairly large to match the clouds which we are going to use,   like on the image illustrating below,

2-Now from your tools bar choose Procedural Terrain,

Click for viewing tutorial on 3D Tutorials.sk.