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Illumination tutorial by Mario Malagrino

Dear Architects and interior designers,

this is one of my tutorials that I wrote for my students of the Florence Design Academy ( www.florencedesignacademy.com ). This tutorial is about the illumination of a room which is illuminated by sunlight coming trough a window ( ideal for living rooms, kitchens and bed-rooms ).

There are many different illumination techniques that I teach for a interior-rendering. This one is quite easy. We will use 2 different kind of lights. One is the "MR spot light" and the other is the photometric "free area light". Before we begin it is very important to inform you that we will use "mental ray" as render engine ( 3d studio Max 8 ). Mental ray is a very stable render engine, and it allows to have very realistic renderings. Since we are using Mental ray for this tutorial it is very important to use "real measurements" for all the interior/furnitures that we have to create. Otherwise the result will not be optimal. It would be important to have already a bit experience with the mental ray settings since this tutorial will not explain all settings ( settings about rendering and materials are in other tutorials of the FDA ).

The first light ( mr area "spot" light ) must be located outside the room. You must move the target of the light trough the window and place it inside the room ( like on image 1 ).

image 1 .) A .) First rendering with only a mr area "spot" light + Final Gather enabled

Let's see a few settings. Select the light and go to the modify panel.

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